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Best Practices For Running VMware vSphere On iSCSI

This section provides an overview about iSCSI, best practices for running VMware vSphere on iSCSI, types of Implementation Options, the security considerations and many more.




This section provides an introduction to the iSCSI protocol which gained popularity as a method for presenting block storage devices over a network to vSphere hosts.

iSCSI Overview

This section provides an overview on how iSCSI enables the use of the existing IP networking infrastructure as a SAN.

iSCSI Implementation Options

This sections provides information on the types of iSCSI Implementation Options and how they work with VMware.

Security Considerations

This sections provides a list of security considerations to keep in mind while implementing iSCSI.

iSCSI Datastore Provisioning Steps

This section provides information on the steps for iSCSI Datastore Provisioning.

Sizing Considerations - Recommended Volume Size

This section looks at the best storage vendor practices to ensure optimal performance of iSCSI.

Conclusion and About the Author

This section includes the conclusion, in addition to acknowledgements and a few lines about the author.