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vSAN Stretched Cluster Guide

VMware® vSAN™ Stretched Cluster Guide.

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vSAN Stretched Cluster is a specific configuration implemented in environments where disaster/downtime avoidance is a key requirement.

New Concepts in vSAN - Stretched Clusters

A common question is how Stretched Clusters differ from Fault Domains, which is a vSAN feature that was introduced with vSAN version 6.0.


List of requirements for implementing vSAN Stretched Cluster.

Configuration Minimums and Maximums

The maximum number of virtual machines per ESXi host is unaffected by the vSAN Stretched Cluster configuration.

Cluster Settings - DRS

vSphere DRS is used in many environments to distribute load within a cluster.

VM/Host Groups & Rules

VMware recommends enabling vSphere DRS to allow for the creation of Host-VM affinity rules


The installation of vSAN Stretched Cluster is similar to the configuration of Fault Domains.

Management and Maintenance

The following section of the guide covers considerations related to management and maintenance of a vSAN Stretched Cluster configuration.

Appendix A

A list of links to additional vSAN resources is included below.

Appendix B

New ESXCLI commands for vSAN Stretched Cluster.