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vSAN Operations Guide

This document discusses operations and management of a vSAN cluster.

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vSAN Basics

Before we will describe all of the different operational procedures around vSAN 6.x we would like to ensure that everyone has a basic understand of vSAN first.

Datastore Operations

Before undertaking any actions through the Datastore Browser, please be noted that it is not recommended to delete VMs through the browser.

Maintenance Mode Operations

When maintenance needs to be performed on an ESXi host it is recommended to put the host in maintenance mode.

Host Operations

In this section, the most common host operations related to vSAN are discussed.

vCenter Operations

Although vSAN is fully integrated in the vSphere Web Client, there is no direct dependency on the availability of vCenter Server itself when it comes to how vSAN functions.

Checksum Operations

End-to-End Software Checksum helps customers avoid data integrity issues that may arise due to problems on the underlying storage media.

Performance Service Operations

Performance Service is a new feature introduced in vSAN 6.2. It allows for end-to-end monitoring of a virtual machine's performance, all the way down to physical disk level.

Upgrading vSAN

There is a specific order that needs to be applied for a successful upgrade.