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vSAN 6.7 Upgrade Considerations

This document describes upgrade considerations when upgrading to vSAN 6.7

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vSAN 6.7 On Disk Upgrade Considerations

VMware vSAN 6.7 On Disk Format Upgrade Considerations and recommendations pertaining to upgrading to vSAN 6.7

vSAN 6.7 Upgrade and Networking communications

vSAN 6.7 Upgrade Considerations for vSAN Networking This chapter discusses the effect of upgrading vSAN nodes and disk group software versions on vSAN Networking.

vSAN On-Disk Format Conversion Process

Explanation on the possible workflows and vSAN cluster changes made during on-disk format conversion upgrade

vSAN VUM Integration

This chapter will highlight the integration for vSAN 6.7 and vSphere Update Manager and how to streamline software upgrades for vSAN nodes

vSAN Witness Appliance Upgrade Considerations

This chapter discusses vSAN Witness appliance upgrade and recommendations for 2-Node and Stretch Cluster Topologies

vSphere Upgrade Overview

This chapter gives a brief overview of existing upgrade guidance and vSphere software versions needed to reach vSAN 6.7 supported levels.

vSAN 6.7 Upgrade Check list

Simple Check list before upgrading to vSAN 6.7

Appendix A: Upgrade Troubleshooting

In this section we will go through some common issues and troubleshooting approaches if issues are encountered during vSAN 6.6 and vSAN 6.6.1 upgrades

Appendix B: vSAN On-disk Format Upgrade example

Appendix D goes through vSAN on-disk format Version 5.0 to Version 6.0 upgrade workflow.