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vSAN 2 Node Guide

VMware® vSAN™ 2 Node Guide. This guide covers vSAN 6.1-6.7

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vSAN 2 Node is a specific configuration typically implemented in environments where a minimal configuration is required.

Support Statements

vSAN Stretched Cluster configurations require vSphere 6.0 Update 1 (U1) or greater.

New Concepts in vSAN - 2 Node Clusters

A common question is how 2 Node vSAN differ from Fault Domains, which is a vSAN feature that was introduced with vSAN version 6.0.


List of requirements for implementing vSAN 2 Node Clusters

Configuration Minimums and Maximums

The maximum number of virtual machines per ESXi host is unaffected by the vSAN 2 Node configuration.

Cluster Settings - DRS

vSphere DRS is used in many environments to distribute load within a cluster.

Management and Maintenance

The following section of the guide covers considerations related to management and maintenance of a vSAN Stretched Cluster configuration.

Appendix A

A list of links to additional vSAN resources is included below.

Appendix B

New ESXCLI commands for vSAN Stretched Cluster.