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VMware vSAN™ as Persistent Storage for MongoDB in Containers

This reference architecture is a showcase of using VMware vSAN™ as a Hyperconverged infrastructure for MongoDB in containers on a Kubernetes cluster.



Executive Summary

This section covers the business case, solution overview, solution benefits, and key results of vSAN as Persistent Storage for MongoDB in containers solution.


This section provides the purpose, scope, and audience of this document.

Technology Overview

This section provides an overview of the technologies used in this solution: • VMware vSphere 6.5 • VMware vSAN 6.6 • MongoDB 3.4 • Kubernetes 1.5

Solution Configurartion

This section introduces the resources and configurations for the solution including an architecture diagram, hardware and software resources and other relevant configurations.

Test Tools and Settings

This section describes the test tools and settings used in this solution.

Solution Validation

In this section, we present the test methodologies and results used to validate this solution.

Best Practices

This section provides the recommended best practices for this solution.


This section provides a summary of this reference architecture and validates vSAN as persistent storage for MongoDB in containers.

About the Author

This section provides a brief background on the authors of this solution guide.