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Update Guide for Dell PERC9 H730 Controller

In this publication, we will introduce and provide guidance on using the Dell PERC9 H730 Controller.

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The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of suggested operational procedures & the available resources that maybe used to update Storage Controller Firmware and Drivers in a VSAN.

Required Software and Updates

This section gives an idea of the required software and updates.

Modifying VSAN Advanced Settings

Advanced settings at the LSOM layer that needs to be modified on each ESXi node that is part of a vSAN cluster.

Staging Controller Firmware

The approach is that the Firmware will be Staged and Installed, but not applied.

Download and Stage

There are two methods to stage ESXi device drivers to vSphere hosts.

vSAN Cluster Remediation

This section talks about the VSAN remediation modes.

Driver and Firmware Verification

Know more about the driver and firmware verification.


This document will explain the process of updating VSAN certified drivers.

Appendix B

This section will help you update vSAN HCL file.