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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 on vSAN 6.1 Hybrid

This document highlights the enterprise-class storage solution that is suitable for Microsoft SQL Server in an OLTP processing environment.



Executive Summary

This section covers the Business Case, Solution Overview and Key Results of the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 on vSAN 6.1 Hybrid document.

vSAN SQL Server AlwaysOn Reference Architecture

This section highlights how this reference architecture validates vSAN’s ability to support industry-standard TPC-E like workloads in a SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups environment.

Solution Configuration

This section introduces the resources and configurations for the solution including architecture diagram, hardware & software resources and other relevant VM and SQL Server configurations.

Best Practices of Virtualized SQL Server on vSAN

This section introduces the best practices guide for detailed information about CPU, memory, and networking configurations to implement virtualized SQL Server on vSAN environment.


This solution validated that vSAN is a unified storage platform supporting scalable, high performed, and AlwaysOn protected Microsoft SQL Server database groups.


This section lists the relevant references used for this operation guide

About the Author and Contributors

This section provides a brief background on the author and contributors of this operation guide.