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Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop on VMware vSAN™

Best Practices for Optimizing Virtualized Big Data Applications on VMware vSphere® 6.7 with vSAN



Executive Summary

This section covers the business introduction and solution overview.

Technology Overview

This section provides an overview of the technologies used in this solution: - VMware vSphere 6.7 - VMware vSAN 6.7 - Cloudera Enterprise

Solution Configuration

This section introduces hardware and software resources, vSphere and vSAN configuration, Apache Hadoop/Spark configuration, and Hadoop cluster scaling.


The benchmarks used in the solution are: - Cloudera storage validation - Hadoop MapReduce - Spark

Performance Testing and Results

We performed the following tests based on different workload benchmarks: - Cloudera storage validation - TeraSort testing - TestDFSIO testing - Spark testing - IoT Analytics testing

Failover Testing

In the failover testing, we performed the host and disk failure tests with the FTT=1 setting and the FTT=0 with Host Affinity setting.

FTT=1 and FTT=0 with Host Affinity Considerations and Comparison

This section lists the considerations and comparison results of these two configurations from the network, capacity, performance, and availability perspectives.

Solution Summary


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