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Stretched Clusters & VMware Site Recovery Manager

The purpose of this paper is to clarify some of the concepts involved with vSphere site availability, and to help understand the use cases for these availability solutions in the vSphere landscape.




Overview of Site Recovery Manager

Terms and Definitions

Availability solutions can be designed to improve the resiliency of either local systems or entire sites and fall broadly into the categories of disaster avoidance or disaster recovery.

Enhancing Local Availability and Reducing Downtime

Solutions designed to enhance local system availability focus on technologies that increase the capabilities of the infrastructure to ensure reliability

Multisite Stretched Clusters

A stretched cluster is a model of a VMware HA/DRS cluster that is implemented with a goal of reaping the same benefits that high availability clusters provide to a local site in a geographically

Disaster Recovery - vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Disaster recovery models are designed primarily with the goal of a rapid recovery time objective after a site-impacting outage has occurred.


This guide helps in understanding the options and fits for some of the available technologies and assists in decision-making for virtualized availability.

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Explanation of White-Space Gaps