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SRM 8.1 Technical Overview

A technical walkthrough of the features and capabilities of Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 8.1




VMware Site Recovery Manager™ 8.1 is an extension to VMware vCenter™ that provides disaster recovery, site migration and non-disruptive testing capabilities to VMware customers.

Architectural Overview

Site Recovery Manager 8.1 is deployed in a paired configuration, for example, protected site and recovery site.

Use Cases

Though the most obvious use case for Site Recovery Manager is disaster recovery from one site to another it can handle a number of different use cases


Site Recovery Manager can be used in a number of different failover scenarios depending on customer requirements, constraints and objectives.

Deployment and Configuration

The process of deploying and configuring Site Recovery Manager is simple and logical.

Replication Options

As mentioned previously Site Recovery Manager provides the choice of replication technologies.

Protection Groups

Protection groups are a way of grouping virtual machines that will be recovered together.

Recovery Plans

Recovery Plans in Site Recovery Manager are like an automated run book, controlling all the steps in the recovery process.


After creating a recovery plan, it is beneficial to test the recovery plan to verify it works as expected.